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Kumail Kumail Nanjiani first meets Emily Zoe Kazan after a stand-up show of his, when he confronts her for heckling him during his set. She argues that she was cheering him on, and he explains that any yelling at all during a comedy show counts as heckling.

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After being smitten by her in his book shop, Will Thacker Hugh Grant spills his orange juice on movie star Anna Scott Julia Roberts when he literally runs into her on the sidewalk corner outside of his apartment. In the most chivalrous way possible, he invites her cute meet change at his place.

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On asment to profile a sports doctor, Amy Amy Schumer sits down with Aaron Bill Hader and cute meet quickly learn why she is the least likely, yet best fit for him. Henry Roth Adam Sandler gets the attention of Lucy Whitmore Drew Barrymore after learning she is fond of building little log cabins using her breakfast waffles at a local diner.

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But after helping her make a waffle door with the use of a toothpick as a hinge, he learns she has no short-term memory and must continue to win her over each day. If you ask her, it was a for good things to come.

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In what may be the most cliched damsel-in-distress scene in any rom-com, wedding planner Mary Fiore Jennifer Lopez gets her Gucci heel stuck in a manhole cover in the same exact moment a rogue dumpster is barreling down cute meet hilly San Francisco street heading right toward her. Her modern-day knight in shining armor, Steve Edison Matthew McConaugheycomes to her rescue by, well, shoving her out of the way. Ah, love.

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After some small talk, the two end up spending the night talking and walking through the streets cute meet the Austrian capital, only to agree to meet in the exact same spot six months later. And as soon as Summer began singing along to the music he was listening to on his headphones in the elevator they shared, he knew he had to be with her.

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Upon meeting the new British Prime Minister Hugh GrantNatalie Martine McCutcheona new junior member of the household staff, nervously drops a of expletives during their first introduction. She is immediately cute meet with him, struggling to form sentences as she pours coffee for Ian and his buddy.

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Their meet-cute continues a few months later, when Ian catches sight of Toula working at a travel agency and can't stop passing by the window. Hotel maid Marisa Ventura Jennifer Lopez cute meet trying on a guest's discarded deer clothes when her adorable son Ty Tyler Posey brings by a dashing politician named Christopher Ralph Fiennes.

Ty introduces the two to get his mother's permission to walk Christopher's dog, and Chris sees Marisa as a glamorous society woman. The 20 best meet-cutes in rom-com history. Save FB Tweet ellipsis More. Continued on next slide.

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