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We are very excited to announce that Zingle now supports WhatsApp as a Channel!

Whatsapp channel

the two billion users already using WhatsApp around the world. Zingle customers today leverage this channel for customer support and relationship management.

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This article is deed to help you understand everything you need to know about the WhatsApp Channel, and whether it is a right fit for your business. Zingle works with Twilio, an official partner of WhatsApp, for registration approval and phone asment.

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Even though your customers are responding to one WhatsApp Businessyou can still leverage team asments, segments, tags, and zingle dating to manage the incoming messages, making sure your team is responding in a timely, personalized manner. WhatsApp allows you to send freeform messages to any incoming message within 24 hours.

After the 24 hour window has passed, you will be required to use an approved WhatsApp template message. Template messages are strings of text, with placeholders, pre-approved by WhatsApp. Our team at Zingle will work with you to submit or make edits to your templates as needed. WhatsApp now provides support for sending Pre-Arrival messages! Submit a "pre-arrival" message template to WhatsApp for more details, see "Templates and Automated Responses" section below.

Once that template has been zingle dating, you will be able to initiate WhatsApp conversations with your customers by sending out pre-approved templated messages.

Month & date (anniversary) contact field

Customers frequently use this functionality to send pre-arrival welcome messages to their guests. Please feel free to send a message here if you need anything. We're looking forward to welcoming you at Hotel Acme! For initiating an outbound message to a contact e.

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But once you insert a template, the screen will unlock and you will be able to send a pre-arrival message:. Make sure to replace only the content in curly brackets, otherwise, the message will violate WhatsApp's "approved template" requirements and zingle dating to send.

This is because within that group of contacts, there may be a combination of WhatsApp vs non-WhatsApp recipients. We will allow you to proceed with sending the message, and any messages to WhatsApp recipients that don't fulfill the hour or template requirements will fail.

WhatsApp session messaging is a limitation by WhatsApp to make sure businesses zingle dating timely responses. This is part of Facebook's effort to ensure that WhatsApp becomes a leading platform for customer service.

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This hour rule encourages companies to prioritize responses on WhatsApp while discouraging spam-like marketing messages. Once you receive an inbound message from a customer, you will have 24 hours from the message received time to respond. The hour timer resets again if the customer replies with another inbound message. Zingle dating this hour window, you can send outbound messages with no restrictions.

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Once the hour session messaging window is closed, you will only be able to send approved, templated messages to your customers. In Zingle, it will look like this:. Sticker messages will come in with a note that says, "Unable to display sticker. As noted above, once the hour window passes, you can only send zingle dating templated messages to your customers. Note that WhatsApp will not do any translations for your business.

Whatsapp channel

If you are planning zingle dating support more than one language, you will need to provide translations for all supported languages for all elements. A template usually includes strings of text, with placeholders, and needs to be pre-approved by WhatsApp. You will be able to create up to templates, with the option to increase the limit to upon submitting a support zingle dating.

The Zingle team will work with you to create all the templates you need and guide you through the submission process. You will be able to use Zings and automated messages outside of the hour window restriction provided that the content in those messages is an exact match to the approved template messages.

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If the message does not match an approved template, your message will be blocked by WhatsApp zingle dating fail to send. Template Translations If you need the same template in different languages, WhatsApp allows you to add multiple languages and indicate the corresponding translated message bodies for each translated template message. We recommend submitting all template translations together as they will have a higher chance of getting approved.

WhatsApp Templates - Dos Consider the following tips to accelerate the template approval process:. Remember that someone outside your business will be reviewing your templates.

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Providing more clarity gives reviewers context around zingle dating the templates will be used. You can add sample messages to provide more context on how the template will be used. Please do not include confidential or personal information in these samples. Your Zingle Managers will work with you to make sure best practices are followed. If you need to write a message template to re-open the hour window, we would suggest starting with some mention of the conversation thread: For example: "I'm sorry that I wasn't able to respond to your concerns yesterday but I'm happy to assist you now.

If you'd like to continue this discussion, zingle dating reply with 'Yes.

If you'd like to continue our conversation, please say 'Yes'. WhatsApp Templates - Don'ts Templates of an advertising, marketing, or promotional nature will be rejected. Examples include the following:.

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Upselling - example: "Welcome to Hotel California. If you zingle dating interested, please respond to this message. Cold call messages - example: "Our agent tried to call you earlier today but you weren't available. Are you free to chat now? Sending a survey or poll to collect data - example: "How would you rate your stay with us?

Zingle empowers business to deliver real-time customer service

Please respond between Inclusion of certain words or phrases that make the message template sound promotional. Template Placeholders You can include placeholders in your templates to be replaced with customer data later. Templates must have a specific, self-evident purpose. You need to surround the parameters with information so it is clear what type of information will be inserted. All Collections. Here is Zingle's guide on using WhatsApp for your business.

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